What the heck do wo-words mean?

Hello everyone,

and welcome to another part of our German is Easy Learn German Online online German-Learning Course for German online learning learners.
And after we’ve done some easy-peasy lemon-squeezy cotton wool ball words the last few times, it is time to hammer in some grammar. Glenn Beck style.
We wanted to learn German. We’ve were told it’s tough. But we ‘know’ tough. Then came the da-words and things got really, really difficult.  But we buckled up, we worked hard and we pulled through. We made it. Fuck yeah, we made it.
Well…turns out, there is more where those came from. Everyday on the streets people tell me about  their worries. Worries cause by those liberal bureaucra.. er I mean.. the wo-words. Enough, I say. Today, we’ll make a stand. Today, we’ll crush the


Or how a reader recently called them… the woe-words.
Woran, wonach, wobei, wogegen, wovon, vomit. Those ones. Today, we’ll learn what they mean and when and how to use them.
And just to get it out of the way… of course English has wo-words to… the where-words. Whereby, wherein, whereon and so on. But the use is so different that we’ll kind of just ignore them here.
That said, are you ready to expose another elusive  and intriguing bit of the German language for the boring complicated structure crap it actually is?
Cool :).

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Word of the Day – “der Raum”

raumHello everyone,

and welcome to our German Word of the Day. This time we’ll take a look at the meaning of

der Raum

Der Raum is of course the German brother of English room and it is all about space … in all kinds of uses.

  • Maria hat so eine krasse Austrahlung… wenn sie in einen Raum
    kommt, steht sie sofort im Mittelpunkt.
  • Maria has such strong charisma… whenever she comes into a
    room she immediately is the center of attention.
  • Deine Suppe… naja, ich sag’ mal so… es gibt noch Raum für Verbesserungen.
  • Your soup… well, let me put it this way…. there is still room for improvement.
  • Eine Reise durch Raum und Zeit. 
  • A journey through space and time.
    (space as in universe is sometimes also called Weltraum, astronauts are Raumfahrer… like…  they drive up there in their Mercedes; German cars can go everywhere I guess)

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Word of the Day – “suchen” – prefixed

suchen-aussuchen-pictureHello everyone,

and welcome to our German Word of the Day. This time we will take a look at the meaning of


But not just that. We will also look at ALL the prefix-versions of suchen that are out there. Ylläsuchen or öxersuchen are not… I mean… they don’t exist. But versuchen does. And besuchen and a few other really really common ones. And the meanings are … well… some are pretty straight forward. Other are more like a free jazz interpretation of a famous song. You really need to have your music theory down to see a connection.
So… are you ready to dig into suchen and see what we can find?

Suchen  means to search. And suchen is also related to search. At least, that’s what I thought until one of our interns gave me the results of his research for the show. Hold on, let me read it to you. Continue reading

German Surprise of the Day

fluentu-reviewHello everyone,

and welcome. Today I don’t have a word for you… but I have a nice little surprise. But first, I really gotta say … Rosetta Stone is awesome and really worth the money. Now you’re probably like “What’s going on Emanuel, are you a sell out now?” but no… I just really think Rosetta Stone is amazing. And if can’t afford it, then that’s your fault. Just can afford it next time! Really. It’s better than sex. All the those other programs and website… I don’t even know why they exist. In fact, there are even new one coming out.
Just a few days ago someone sent me an e-mail and told me about their language learning website. They’re about to launch the German learning version and he asked me if I want to introduce it to you. Of course I was like “Dude, don’t you know there’s Rosetta Stone?” but he was like “I know, I know… but I really believe in our idea. And we’ll pay you tons of money ” and I was like “Uh… how many tons are we talking about.” :)
Okay seriously .. I’m in general pretty skeptical about new methods or software or websites… I’m old. But I checked out the site and I actually liked it quite a bit.
And I think many of you might like it too, so I’ve decided to introduce it you guys and see what you think.

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Word of the Day – “reichen”

Hello everyone,

and welcome to our German Word of the Day. This time we’ll have a look at the meaning of


And by meaning I mean meanings. Two to be precise. Observe:

  • Reicht ihr das Salz?
  • Is the salt enough for her?

Yes, it is. But we could add some more pronoun. Maybe a little er.

  • Reicht er ihr das Salz?

I mean… how much damage could such a small little word possibl… OH MY GOD!

  • Does he hand her the salt?

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