Prefix Verb Shorts – “anstellen”

anstellen-meaning-germanHello everyone,

and welcome to another episode of Prefix Verb Shorts. This time  we’ll take a look at


and I can tell you right away… it won’t be that short this time because anstellen has almost ONE MILLION MEANINGS. Five if you want to know the exact number. And they’re about as incoherent as Inception I had rice for lunch my sentence… wait… what? Exactly!
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Word of the Day – “das Wesen”

wesen-meaning-imageHello everyone,

and welcome to our German Word of the Day. And if you haven’t had an epiphany lately get ready for one because we’ll have a look at the meaning of

das Wesen

Okay… maybe epiphany was a bit too much. But we’ll definitely learn som ecool stuff. 
So, if you’e read fairy tales or fantasy novels in German, you probably know that a Wesen is a  creature or being.

  • Superman kämpft gegen ein Wesen aus Energie.
  • Superman fights a creature made from pure energy.
  • Pflanzen sind auch Lebewesen.
  • Plants are living beings too.

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Listen to German 2 – “Das Pfannkuchenbacken”



Hello everyone,

and welcome to … well… I felt like it was time for another little bit of listening comprehension so welcome to that :).

Last time I said, I was gonna read fables but while I was looking for nice fables I came across lots of other cool stuff. For example Friesian fairytales. Friesland is an area in Northers Germany along the coast of the North Sea and they have really really lovely fairy tales there. Well, there more folk tales I guess. But they’re really great. Not like Grimm’s fairy tales all serious and gloomy. The Frisian ones are light-hearted, witty, honest and really down to earth. Some are a bit stupid others are so random they border on a fever dream but reading them really gets me in a good mood. Honestly… I think I have a little crush on Frisian folk tales :). So I’m really glad to share some of them with you here. Continue reading

Prefix Verb Shorts – “auflegen”

auflegen-meaning-germanHello everyone,

and welcome to a new episode of German Prefix Verb Shorts. This time we’ll have quick look at the meanings of


Auf can add two notions to a verb: on-top-ness and open-ness. And in combination with legen, which is to lay we’re only dealing with the former. Only that? Wouldn’t to lay open make sense, too? Yes, in theory. But the verb for that is offenlegen. So… the auf in auflegen is really just about on-top-ness. Does auflegen just mean to lay something on top of something? Well, if you know German Prefix Verbs a bit then you know that there’s probably a little twist to that. Not crazy one this time, just a bit. So, are you ready to take a look? Great.
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Surprise of the Day

10000-commentsHello everyone,

so an important part of this site are definitely the comments. Your amazing, awesome, kick ass, lovely comments. Seriously, you guys are asking so many interesting things in the comments, you correct my stupid typos, you compliment me (I especially love that part) and you share great little insights. Oh… and you don’t troll. Like… never. I haven’t had to delete one single comment ever and seeing how we’re in the internet that is CRAZY.
But your comments aren’t only interesting, awesome, kick ass and friendly… they’re also many. How many? Well….  Continue reading